Voter IDs: Bank on them

The number of adults without bank accounts has declined rapidly to 7%.  Via

… the ranks of the unbanked seem to be on the decline, according to new data released by the FDIC.

The percentage of Americans going without banking services fell to 7 percent in 2015, from 7.7 percent in 2013. According to FDIC data, unbanked American consumers peaked toward the end of the Great Recession in 2011 at 8.2 percent. The figures for 2015 represent the best results the survey has seen since the FDIC started keeping track of the data with a biennial survey in 2009 (the share of unbanked Americans was 7.6 percent at that time).

Since the federal government requires photo IDs to set up bank accounts, this shows that all of these adults have photo IDs already.  Why don't people go after the federal government for oppressing minorities?

I believe that every adult who is a legal citizen of the United States either already has a photo ID or can easily get one because it is impossible to function in the U.S. without one.  It is a shame that so many seem to believe that there are significant numbers who don't have the ability to get the IDs.

The reason the Obama Justice Department, Democrats, and most of the media pretend that requiring a photo ID to vote oppresses anyone is obviously because they want to allow ineligible voters the ability to vote.

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