Visa loophole exploited by 9/11 terrorists has yet to be closed

A loophole in the system allowed five of the 9/11 hijackers to overstay their visas, which allowed them to conduct their attacks.  Fifteen years later, that loophole remains open, a product of government inaction and a lack of will to close it. Once the hijackers overstayed their visa, there was no system in place to inform authorities of the violation and no way to track the illegals to know where they were.  This allowed the terrorists to get drivers licenses so that they could board the planes and murder 3,000 people. Washington Times: The Government Accountability Office says five of the 19 hijackers either overstayed their visas or lost their status by breaking the terms of their permits, making them illegal immigrants in the government’s eyes. But nobody was looking for them — or even knew they’d overstayed — allowing them to blend in with millions of other illegal immigrants living and working in the U.S. at the time,...(Read Full Post)