The Clinton campaign made it worse

The 2016 campaign just got more interesting on Sunday when Mrs Clinton had a medical problem at the 9-11 ceremony. By the way, I had spoken to our son Sunday morning and he told us that the weather was very pleasant in New York City. It was not the kind of day that we experienced in New York a month earlier. It was terribly humid and warm a few weeks ago. Yesterday was very pleasant Sunday morning. My friend Bill Katz posted the same thing around 11 am Eastern time.

Of course, we hope that Mrs. Clinton gets well. However, she proved once again that honesty and transparency have not been the hallmark of their careers.
I agree with Callum Borchers:

The bigger issue is the secretive manner in which Clinton's campaign managed the incident. It is an approach that is sure to prove counterproductive than if reporters had been allowed to follow Clinton out of the ceremony or if aides had been faster to address her condition. A lack of information always makes journalists wonder whether something more serious is being kept hidden. It just does.

This incident will raise a lot of questions about her ability to do a debate in two weeks. Will she have the physical strength and stamina to stand for 90 minutes and debate anyone? My guess is that she won't be ready.    

Worse than that, it reconfirms the Clinton way, and specially the Hillary Clinton way. She is secretive and perhaps even paranoid. Her unwillingness to share information about a pneumonia diagnosis fits perfectly into the secrecy of the server and emails.    

What if she had issued a statement on Friday about the pneumonia? What if she had said that she'd be taking a few days off on doctor's orders? It would not have stopped some of the conspiracy talk but she'd be a lot better off politically than she is right now.     

Let me say it: this is the beginning of the end of her campaign. She won't be able to sustain the physical demands of the remaining weeks. At the same time, she can no longer hide her medical condition.

Again, I hope that she gets well. Health is not a partisan thing. But the country deserves a transparent candidate, not someone who wants to hide everything, including something as important as health.

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