Thanks for nothing, John Kasich

During a preview of an interview on Meet the Press scheduled to air on Sunday, Ohio Governor John Kasich made it clear he would not vote for Hillary Clinton. Well, duh.

So is he planning to vote for Trump?

At this point in time he’s not shutting the door entirely, but said the chances of him voting for Trump are “miniscule” and that he very, very likely will not.

And why is that?

Well, he can’t vote for Hillary because he’s “a Republican.” Party loyalty and all of that.

Yet, despite his party loyalty, oh, and his professed concern for the fate of our nation, stating “country first,” this man who is the governor of a swing state no less, persists in childish, irrational, non-thinking: He’s a Republican who in all likelihood will not vote for the Republican presidential nominee for president.

He fashions himself a patriot, what with “country first,” yet can’t bring himself to vote for Trump, ensure Clinton is beaten, and give this nation a shot at reclaiming so much of what we’re losing. (Or perhaps instead of not voting for anyone, he’s planning to vote for a third party candidate or write someone in which is what rebellious ignorant 20-year-olds do and which is as good as not voting when the stakes could not be higher.)

So I’m going to use the “d” word. I’ll even use a bunch of them. He is deplorable, despicable, dreadful, and quite frankly dangerous. What does it say to young people when a relatively major figure in a major political party dishes out such nonsense at a time when things could not be more critical in this country?

Heck, I’ll even use the “f” word. He’s a fool. A foolish fool-hearty fool who, like the rest of those in the GOP who refuse to vote for Trump, are abdicating one of our most primary rights and responsibilities, which is to vote. He has no business holding public office.

Hat tip: The Blaze