Sheriff David Clarke’s most recent description of Hillary Clinton

During a recent interview on Fox News, Sheriff David Clarke was asked about Hillary Clinton’s ability to garner the black vote. Clarke said he anticipated she would get a large number of black votes, though not as many as Bill Clinton did and not nearly the number Barack Obama won.

I don’t think any of that was a major news flash, but during the conversation Clarke used a word to describe Clinton that got right to the heart of things: sinister.

It’s the perfect word to add to the list of words Clarke has used to describe the evil collapsing felon (my words), including: “morally bankrupt,” a person who lacks “integrity,” “character,” and a “soul,” a “pathological liar,” a “straight-up liar,” and a person he wouldn’t trust to walk his dog around the block anticipating that she’d return without the dog and say “what difference does it make anyway.” He’s also described Clinton as someone with an “ethical elevator that has no bottom” and a “straight-up cop hater” who is “all in with the criminal element.” (See here, here, and here)

Last month Clarke also said Hillary was a symbol for how far we’ve fallen as a nation – that someone like her could be within striking distance of winning the presidency.

Sheriff David Clarke nails it every time. God bless this man.

Hat tip: Breitbart