Questions for Hillary's doctor

Having followed Hillary Clinton's career, and now having read the September 14 statement of Lisa Bardack, M.D. about Ms. Clinton's condition, I have questions for the doctor.

What is the cause of Ms. Clinton's coughing fits?

What measures have you taken to help her with her coughing?

When she kicked off her September campaigning in Cleveland on Sept. 5 with a coughing fit that lasted about 90 seconds before she was able to talk, and then for the next two minutes her voice was hoarse and weak, what was your reaction, especially given the pattern of coughing over many months?  For example, in Feb. 2016, giving a talk at Harlem's Schomburg Center, and in Jan. 2016 in Iowa, and at the Benghazi hearings in 2015?

You state that she had sinusitis in January and has upper respiratory congestion today.  Does this mean the upper respiratory problem is chronic?  And could this be the cause of the coughing?

Would you expect President Hillary Clinton to suffer from frequent coughing fits during her years in office?

Why is it, do you think, that Ms. Clinton allows herself to become dehydrated so often, with serious consequences, like being unable to stand erect or move her legs, as happened at the 9/11 Memorial event in New York?

Is the problem that you are prescribing a certain amount of fluid intake and she is not complying?  What corrective steps did you take to get her to comply following the event in Chappaqua in December 2012, when stomach flu and dehydration caused Ms. Clinton to fall, hit her head, and suffer a concussion, and a blood clot went to her brain?  Do you feel that she complied with your corrective steps to stay hydrated?  Or is the problem one not of her compliance, but of the viruses and infections she catches that dehydrate her?  Or both?

Seven years prior to the December 2012 dehydration event, Stepanie Pincus, M.D. told a reporter in Buffalo, N.Y. that Ms. Clinton fainted backstage while at a speaking event.  The doctor said the cause was an acute gastrointestinal illness and that she needed rest and fluids to recuperate.  Can you reassure the American public that a President Clinton would not allow herself to become dehydrated to a dangerous degree and that her medical staff will commit to ensuring this?

Is this you at the 9/11 Memorial with Ms. Clinton?

If this is you, were you checking her pulse, and did you know at the time she was dehydrated, or did that realization come later, when she collapsed?

It looks as though the same person is checking something about Ms. Clinton in this photo as well:

Can you explain what is going on with Ms. Clinton in this photograph?

You state that she sometimes needs B-12.  What does she need B-12 for?  Is it to treat low-energy symptoms?

People magazine reported that pneumonia has struck "several" members of the Clinton campaign staff in Brooklyn, including "those who travel with Clinton."  Given that Ms. Clinton's infection is non-contagious, as per your report, would you say that this report in People is meaningless as far as understanding your patient's illness?

The questions many people have about Hillary Clinton's health can be summed up as follows: she sure gets sick a lot, so what happens next?