President Obama at the UN...this is not 2009!

Back in 2009, a recently elected President Obama raised a lot of expectations.  In fact, the world was so high on Obama that they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize over in Stockholm.

Don't expect anything near that as Obama addresses the U.N. this week.  Even the "Nobelistas" have their regrets.    

To be fair, some of the high expectations were just plain silly, or more evidence that Bush Derangement Syndrome was not limited to Democrats.  What were these people thinking?  That he walked on water?  That he would fix the world's problems with a speech?   

This week, Obama won't be saying that he ended wars or made the U.S. more popular.  He may try, but no one in that audience will believe him.  They are more likely to remember the humiliation by China or a Middle East that does not look as though wars have ended.

President Obama is apparently going to make "refugees" his swan song, as we see in this report:

The president is expected to announce new commitments from world leaders and business executives to assist refugees -- including a vow to welcome 110,000 into the United States next year -- during a special gathering on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. 

The new U.S. refu­gee target is nearly a 30 percent increase from 2016.

But critics say the summit merely serves to highlight Obama’s failings on the issue, including his refusal to use U.S. military power to carve out safe areas for those fleeing the Syrian regime’s barrel bombs and artillery attacks.

The problem is that President Obama is on the wrong side of history, as the liberals always like to tell us.

First, chaotic immigration, or what we are seeing in Europe, has become a political nightmare.  Just ask Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.  Additionally, it's very difficult to welcome people who don't share Western values (e.g., women's rights) and don't seem very eager to assimilate.     

As a refugee myself, my family and I came here completely aware that we had a responsibility to learn English and to respect the laws of the country that gave us a second chance at life.  We never expected that the U.S. would change to accommodate us.  On the contrary, we were eager to change or assimilate.

Second, the bombs over the weekend in New Jersey/New York and the stabbing in Minnesota will make it even more difficult to bring refugees to the U.S.  We will hear more calls for "vetting" and a second look at bringing people into the country, especially after a story about 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenship!

Finally, we will give President Obama the benefit of the doubt that he means well and cares about the refugees.  Unfortunately, it was his policies, such as the premature withdrawal from Iraq and unwillingness to take down Assad in Syria, that exploded the refugee crisis.

So much for legacy and another trip to the U.N.!

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