Politico: Clinton campaign in ‘full panic mode’ over black vote

For some reason that nobody understands, a haughty rich white woman is having difficulty igniting turnout fever among African-American voters, especially in Florida.  Mark Caputo and Daniel Ducassi write in Politico:

To kill Donald Trump's chances of capturing the White House, Hillary Clinton needs to win Florida. And to do that, she needs a big minority turnout.

But Democrats are beginning to worry that too many African-American voters are uninspired by Clinton’s candidacy, leading her campaign to hit the panic button this week and launch an all-out blitz to juice-up voter enthusiasm.

If you think that an examination of efforts to aggravate racial tensions will be mentioned in the long story that follows on “juicing up” voters, you forgot that this is from Politico.

Still, it is entertaining to see the awful truth dawning on Team Hillary:

"Hillary Clinton's campaign is in panic mode. Full panic mode," said Leslie Wimes, a South Florida-based president of the Democratic African-American Women Caucus.

Democrats lazily assumed that they own the black vote and that blacks will always turn out at the historic level of Obama.  The truth is that Hillary Clinton is an unappealing person, period.  I can’t see any way that this should be less true for blacks than for other groups.