Playboy features first ever photo shoot of woman with a hijab

In a sure sign that the end is near, Playboy is featuring a profile article with photos of its female subject clad in a hijab.  That’s right: the magazine that built a once prosperous empire based on nude photos of busty women is now hopping on board the politically correct express and featuring values opposite to those it has espoused its entire life.

But then again, in the era of internet porn, Playboy’s old niche of providing naked women in slick paper for a several-dollar cover price no longer exists to any meaningful degree, so the magazine has eschewed its past practice and no longer publishes nudes.  Playboy is casting about for a new need to fill.  Evidently, it believes that dhimmitude is good business.

Julie Ricevuto explains the appearance of a hijab:

The issue features a series of single-minded men and women, selected to challenge the way readers think about business, music, porn, comedy, gaming, and more. “They’ve risked it all — even their lives — to do what they love, showing us what can be accomplished if we break the rules,” is the way Playboy describes it.

All the renegades had eye-opening stories, but one woman who was included, American journalist Noor Tagouri, wears a hijab — which marks the first time a hijab has ever been featured in the magazine.

Here is an Instagram that Ms. Tagouri posted, showing the anti-American flavor of the piece.  The bullet holes in Old Glory are a nice touch, don't you think?

In case you were wondering, Ms. Tagouri is an “aspiring on-air reporter for commercial U.S. television,” so she wants to be bringing her values to a wider audience.  The publicity she will be receiving no doubt will help.

In the Playboy interview, she portrays herself standing for modesty.  But of course the issue with a hijab and more extreme variants such as the burka is the intimidation that accompanies them.  Many religions, including Judaism, enjoin modesty for females.  But it is only Muslim societies that feature men raping, beating, and otherwise intimidating women who don’t meet their own standards of modesty, which may be the full-beekeeper version, with only a narrow eye slit.

The end of Playboy cannot be far off.