Panic in the Hillary campaign as minorities abandoning her in latest polls

Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support from the black and Hispanic voters she has been counting on to push her to victory with high turnout and support in the 90% range.  The USC Dornsife/LA Times tracking poll, which tracks about 3,000 eligible voters and weights averages over a week, and consequently has a lag time in reflecting trends, has uncovered a catastrophic collapse in minority support for Hillary.

The graph for all voters reveals how an overall substantial advantage has gone to Trump over the last week or so:

But break it down by race, and you see something even more dramatic:

And the gender gap now favors Trump, with his margin among males dwarfing Hillary’s margin among females:

It is time for Hillary to push the panic button, which means that sick old lady may be making some very bad decisions.  I am laying in a supply of popcorn to be able to enjoy the spectacle.