Overcoming evil anti-police rhetoric with good

The myth that America suppresses blacks is a poison that has infected the minds of far too many Americans.  Biracial NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick won liberal media praise and thumbs down from many Americans when he said he would not stand for our National Anthem because America suppresses blacks.  TV reality show star and black preacher Jamal Bryant wore a Kaepernick football jersey while encouraging his huge black church congregation to sit with Kaepernick in not standing for our National Anthem.  Rev. Bryant is furthering the left's lie that blacks are suffering in a hellhole of racism called America.

The Democratic Party, mainstream media, public education, and Hollywood all promoting the lie that America suppresses and cops murder blacks birthed Black Lives Matter terrorism.  The hate group feels justified in seeking revenge – physically attacking whites and assassinating police.

My three black brothers are Christians active in their churches.  One brother who lives in Maryland said most Baltimore black churches have jumped on the hate America bandwagon and place the Democratic Party agenda above all else.

My brother attended a conference of Baltimore black churches. One of the topics discussed was their concern that the federal government is redefining what constitutes a church.  The consensus was after the election, they will need to hire lawyers to defend their right to practice their faith according to the Bible and keep their 501(c)(3) status.  My brother said the pastors and religious leaders in attendance know that the relentless assault on religious freedom is coming from the Democratic Party and will intensify if Hillary is elected.  And yet he knows that the majority of Baltimore's black pastors and religious leaders will vote Democrat.

Never one to mince his words, my brother stood and asked, “Why vote for a candidate you know you will have to hire lawyers to defend you against?”

My brother said everyone looked at him as though he had two heads.  He was scorned for sounding like a Republican.  Clearly, far too many in the black church have a stronger commitment to the Democratic Party than they do to Jesus Christ.

The same brother's wife is a retired Baltimore police officer.  He and his wife spent Labor Day at a cookout at the home of one of her longtime friends.  Her friend is one of the black cops acquitted in the Freddie Gray case.  My brother said everyone at the cookout passionately defended their falsely accused relative.  And yet they failed to see the connection between their police officer relative being falsely accused and the Democrats' political agenda.  My brother suspects that most of the guests at the all black cookout favor Hillary.  He expressed his frustration with attempting to get these politically blind people to see.

Folks, what this all amounts to is evil – people sowing lies about whites, lies about cops, and lies about America, the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it.

The Bible tells us that you overcome evil with good.  That is exactly what I am doing this Saturday, September 10, in Daytona Beach, Florida.  I am hosting a Blue Lives Matter Celebration event.  If you can make it, please come.  If not, we are live-streaming the show beginning at 11am on YouTube, here.

We have great musical performers, comedians, politicians, and highly knowledgeable speakers.  A few are Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Labriola from Tim Allen's Home Improvement TV sitcom, and Congressman Ron DeSantis.  Acclaimed jazz vocalist Lisa Scott will sing the National Anthem.  Heather Mac Donald, author of The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe, will be there, too.

Even at this late date, we still need funding.  Please contribute here.

My brother was shocked when I informed him that some considered my event honoring police controversial.  He said even before the Black Lives Matter lies and attacks on police, we should have been honoring police who protect us every day.  I said, "Amen bro.  Amen!"

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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