Obama’s former doctor recommends neurological testing for Hillary Clinton

During a recent interview with Erin Burnett on CNN, Obama’s former physician, David Scheiner, recommended that Hillary Clinton have a “thorough neurologic exam,” stating that the two-page doctor letter Clinton provided attesting to her good health is not sufficient.

Scheiner expressed concerns about the potential impact of a concussion, which Clinton suffered two years ago, drawing a comparison to football players who “begin to lose some of their cognitive ability” after concussions.

As for Clinton’s need for the blood thinner Coumadin, Scheiner noted that Coumadin is a “difficult drug to use” and expressed curiosity about how well she is being monitored and controlled.

And speaking of Coumadin, when talking about Clinton’s stroke, people need to use the word stroke.  Because that’s what she had.  But you never hear that word used.  Instead, people refer to her “clot,” “blood clot,” or “thrombosis,” or they circumvent the issue entirely and talk about “Coumadin” as if such a prescription exists in a vacuum.

When a blood clot travels to the brain and gets lodged in one of the vessels, a person has a stroke.  When a clot cuts off blood flow, as happened to Clinton, it’s called an ischemic stroke.  When a blood vessel ruptures and the brain bleeds out into surrounding tissue, it’s called a hemorrhagic stroke.

But the press is sanitizing what happened to the felon-who-would-be-POTUS, because as we know full well, the press is nothing more than propaganda for the left.

And speaking of leftist propagandists, prior to discussing Clinton’s health, Burnett talked with Scheiner about Trump’s health and the physician letter he provided.  Scheiner expressed concern about that, as well, and stated that the public has a right to see complete medical records for both candidates.

During this part of the discussion, Burnett was downright animated-bordering-on-manic – energetic, full of smiles, and near giddy as she advanced her agenda.  But when the topic shifted to Clinton, and Scheiner expressed serious concerns about Clinton’s health, Burnett looked surprised and became quite subdued.

Uh-oh.  What to do?  No way could Burnett let the interview end with Scheiner’s remarks about Clinton’s health.  So with an inside joke look on her face, she asked him which presidential candidate he planned to vote for in November.  Needless to say, the answer was predictable and provided a way to tie things up as a positive for Clinton.

They all need their heads examined.  Maybe O’care would offer a group discount.

Hat tip: The Daily Caller