Obama blocks release of DHS Report: DHS captures 50, not 80 percent of illegals

On September 15, 2016, Malia Zimmerman and William Lajeunesse of Fox News reported that the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is refusing to release a report on the number of illegal aliens who cross the southern border.  DHS claims that it catches 80% of those who cross illegally, but the report supposedly says DHS captures only 50%.  Moreover, DHS refuses to release this report because Obama  has blocked release.

According to Fox News:

If released by the Obama administration, the true numbers could have major implications in the current presidential race, in which illegal immigration and border security have become a key issue, say observers.

One source familiar with the report told Fox News that DHS is suppressing the report for "political reasons ... because it would 'look bad' and 'help elect Donald Trump.'"

Obama and Michelle have been campaigning for Hillary, filling in for her while she rested from Clinton Pneumonia.  Evidently, Obama has nothing to do but work for Hillary to win so she can preserve Obama's legacy.  Obama is worried that Trump will get rid of the centerpiece of his eight years:  Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal.

One would think that with ISIS beheading Christians, Muslim terrorists attacking Americans at home, Iran harassing our Navy, and a $20-trillion debt,  President Obama would be busy working on these problems.  But to Obama, these are minor issues to foist on his successor.  To Obama, the most important issue is electing Hillary.

Thus, in addition to campaigning for Hillary, Obama blocked release of the DHS report because the report confirms that Obama is lying about the percentage of illegals caught.  He says it is 80% when he knows that it is 50%.  This news would help Trump and hurt Hillary.

But news of the report has leaked, and now there will be pressure to release the whole thing.

Obama's method to deal with the illegals crossing the southern border is to lie about it to help Hillary win to preserve his legacy.

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