Now that we know Hillary campaign concealed pneumonia diagnosis, it is fair to ask what else they are concealing

It is no longer the realm of “conspiracy theory” to posit that the Clinton presidential campaign has concealed highly relevant facts about the candidate’s health.  It is the only reasonable assumption. The campaign has in effect confessed that they concealed a pneumonia diagnosis. In fact, it is rather obvious that Hillary and her handlers intended to pretend in public that the diagnosis had not been rendered, and that she was healthy, when in fact she had a potentially grave illness. Rather than do the sensible thing and rest up by skipping the 9/11 memorial, Hillary chose the path of deception, pretending that she was healthy enough to attend.

As Kyle Olsen noted, in doing so Hillary exposed others, including a small child, to the risk of infection:


The American public, far more than the mainstream media, understands that Hillary Clinton has a distant relationship to the truth. The media chose to demonize those who saw the obvious signs of ill health and commented on it, supplying by speculation the context that was utterly missing from the campaign and its media enablers, who denied there was nay problem whatsoever, and who claimed it was sexist or tinfoil hat territory to question Hillary’s health.

Quite clearly, suspicion and speculation are justified, since the campaign has proven they will conceal the truth.