Notes from 30,000 feet: The ongoing search for the perfect smoked ribs

The search for the best combination of method, rub, glazing sauce, and mop sauce used to achieve baby-back perfection has been an arduous but enjoyable task.  I think I may have found it this past Labor Day weekend with a new twist on a tried and true formula. Over the years, I have used many methods: grilling, smoke boxes, barrel smokers, mesquite charcoal, briquettes with wood chips, and pellet smokers.  I have used rubs of all types as well as sauces ranging from store-bought to homemade, from simple to complex. I thought I had found the right combination some years ago and have stuck with it for the past ten years or so.  The choices made were culled from personal experience and the help of Steven Raichlen’s excellent book The Barbecue Bible.  The format is Memphis Rub, 3-2-1 (smoke three hours, wrap and roast for two, then glaze and grill for one), a Simple Mop Sauce and Elida’s Honey-Guava Barbecue Sauce. Elida’s...(Read Full Post)