Media angry over being kept in the dark about Clinton illness

Reporters covering the presidential campaign expressed anger on Twitter over being left out of the loop by the Clinton campaign about her illness. Few of them, however, raised questions about the true state of the candidate's health or whether the pneumonia was a symptom of a more serious disease. Politico: At 10:16 p.m., the campaign said that "Clinton will not be traveling to California tomorrow or Tuesday." Clinton was scheduled to raise cash in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and her campaign had previewed that she would also deliver a speech on the economy Tuesday. Clinton's Wednesday trip to Las Vegas is, for now, still on her schedule. Around midnight, however, fundraisers who were planning to attend Clinton's San Francisco event on Monday received an email saying the event is still on, but that Clinton would now appear via teleconference. Frustration with the Clinton campaign’s handling of the incident boiled over among...(Read Full Post)