Kareem Abdul-Jabbar exposes Democrat Party's racist past

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did the unthinkable on NPR last week on Steve Inskeep's show, Morning Addition.  He said what everyone on the left is thinking and gave insight into the true Progressive culture.  He said that if somebody isn't going to take the time to become an informed voter, that person just shouldn't vote:

Ignorance is not something that lends itself to a meaningful discussion. Some of these people really shouldn't vote because they don't know what the issues are, and I think people that are, you know, voting in the blind are doing a disservice to our country by not being better informed.

Steve Inskeep and his guest assume that Abdul-Jabbar is talking about Trump voters, but of course the premise is that all Republicans are idiots and that if they became informed voters, they would never vote for Trump.  The only solution is to not let them vote.  This isn't new for the Democratic Party.  After all, they are the ones who wanted to charge poll taxes and impose education requirements on blacks.  So what's the problem?  If you support Trump, you're obviously ignorant, and you should be barred from the polls.  It worked for the Dems for a hundred years following the Civil War.  Why not now?

NPR followed up with an interview that gives further insight into the modern Progressive black man.

Steve Inskeep avoided any conservative or Republican opinion and instead went to liberal Morehouse College professor Mark Lamont Hill, asking him to weigh in on the Hall of Fame basketball star turned political pundit's remarks.  Revealing his liberal bias, Inskeep led with a statement instead of a question: "The frustration that some people are expressing is, they think that Trump voters aren't really thinking through the issues."

Hill responded as expected: "Right.  Because part of the narrative which is sort of supported by the data is that Trump voters are the least educated."

I wonder what data is "sort of" supportive.

Hill continued: "And my concern with that is that it sort of reduces the condition of the Trump voter to one of pure ignorance."

So the sort of data that may or may not exist sort of shows that Trump voters are representative of pure ignorance.

Oh, it doesn't stop there.  The brilliant Professor Hill continued: "The Trump voter isn't just an ignorant white guy in the South that if he were more educated would vote differently."

It's at this point that Hill showed the true racist culture of the Democratic Party as he changed his stance and now agreed with Kareem: "And so part of what we have to do is not just keep ignorant people away from the polls.  We have to actually change the structural realities that make people make bad choices beyond their ignorance or what have you."  Not just seconds before, he had explained how bad this was for Southern blacks.  Apparently, if it involves white Trump supporters, it's okay.

One has to pose the obvious question: if Professor Hill and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. were white Republicans talking about blacks voting for Obama, what do you think the media response would be?

I know – rhetorical question.

The interesting twist here for poll watchers is the fact that Professor Hill is a vocal Green Party and Jill Stein supporter.  With the three-week slide by Hillary Clinton in the polls, I think it's important to contemplate the fact that at least one highly engaged black liberal academic is voting for not just an independent, but a Green Party candidate who is a white woman.  This educated and arrogant black American gentleman could be representative of a million voters just like him.  He seems to think that informed minority voters will either vote third party like him or stay home:

[W]hen we don't encourage voters to come out to the polls, the people who stay home quickest are black and brown folk.

Hillary shouldn't just fear ignorant uneducated Republicans.  She is obviously losing educated influential blacks as well.  The rest might just stay home.

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