India launches attacks into Pakistani territory and Pakistan threatens nuclear retaliation to ‘destroy India’

While American politics is focused on something mean Donald Trump said to a Hispanic woman 20 years ago, Armageddon may be brewing in the other side of the world.  There is no way to sugarcoat this, other than to hope it is an empty nuclear threat from a nuclear-armed power.  Sara Kamouni is the U.K. Sun:

PAKISTAN’S Defence Minister has threatened to “destroy” India – after India said on Thursday it had carried out “surgical strikes” on suspected militants preparing to infiltrate from Pakistan-ruled Kashmir.

The strikes, which were a response to shots fired across the de facto border through the disputed Himalayan territory, could lead to a military escalation between the two nuclear-armed neighbours – risking a ceasefire agreed in 2003.

An Indian military official briefs the media on India's strikes into Pakistan.

Vijeta Uniyal at Legal Insurrection supplies background and detail:

Last night, the Indian Army carried out a series of covert operations targeting Jihadi bases along its border with Pakistan. According to official Indian sources, the counter-terrorism strikes killed 38 Islamists as well as couple of soldiers of Pakistan’s regular army, who were overseeing these Jihadi bases. Indian Special Forces went 2-3 km inside Pakistan’s border destroying up to 6 Jihadi camps. No casualties were reported on the Indian side. The strikes come less than 2 weeks after Islamists attacked an Indian Army base in India’s Kashmir region, killing 18 soldiers.

India has faced a sustained terrorist campaign in its Muslim majority northern state of Kashmir since the 1990s. Terrorists have killed nearly 5,000 Indian civilians and over 2,000 Indian soldiers since 2001. Tonight’s cross-border operation, first of its kind conducted by India, shows the change in country’s military doctrine since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office 2 years ago.

Following tonight’s strikes India has put its army along the international border with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on high alert.

An Indian Army spokesman briefed the media on the strikes on jihadi bases inside Pakistan.  Here is a video of the press conference. This is for real:

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