How bad could it get for Hillary tonight?

I really don’t want to make light of serious medical problems, but we have to face it that there is a downside (no pun intended – believe me) to exposing Hillary Clinton to a high-stress ordeal, standing on her feet for 90 minutes, while mentally processing a laundry list of dos and don’ts that would drive me insane.

So what’s the worst that could happen?

I have just seen a new-to-me “color-adjusted” video of the famous Zdenek Gazda view of Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse.  Hat tips to Greg Richards and Sundance, whose witty preview of the debate is well worth a read.

The enhancement was done by a Twitter poster, Mr. Seriously:

As Greg Richards emailed me:

If you keep your eye just on Hillary's right foot, you will see that as she goes down, she is dragging the TOP of her right shoe on the ground. There is no muscle activity in that foot at all, as that is an uncomfortable position. That position is used in cartoons as part of showing a figure completely knocked out.

He’s right.  With the greater contrast in the enhanced version, you do see that foot being dragged limply toward the van.

So if Hillary has a seizure, or whatever else it might be that that causes this, she could collapse onto the floor, possibly hitting her head soundly enough to injure it.  A truly horrifying spectacle, presenting mortal danger to her.  But I wonder if there might be warning signs rather than a sudden collapse  time enough for a man too portly to be a Secret Service agent to rush to her side and take care of her?

I actually hope so for her sake.  I have not seen any information as to whether the man Nick Chase calls the “Big Black Dude” will be positioned nearby enough to rush to her side to save the day, as he did here:

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