Hillary’s plan to help the poor

Recently, the New York Times published an op-ed by Hillary Clinton titled “My Plan for Helping America’s Poor.”  It is paragraph 6 (out of 12) before Hillary makes her first proposal.  Summarized, here is her plan:

1. Investment in good paying jobs

2. Affordable housing

3. Raise the minimum wage

4. Equal pay for women

5. Low-income housing credits

6. Redirecting federal investments

7. Expand access to child care, guarantee paid leave

8. Double investments in Head Start program

Hillary uses the word “investment” four times.  “Investment,” as used by Democrats, is a code word for “tax the producers and give to those who do not produce.”

1. Exactly what does Hillary consider an “investment in good paying jobs”?  Does the government produce anything concrete that requires jobs?  Does she mean job training programs?  There are currently over 40 federal “job training” programs in existence.  Do we really need another one?  Has Hillary ever been involved in any endeavor that actually produced jobs?

2. Democratic programs mandating housing requirements have reduced the number of affordable houses.

Government laws and policies severely restricted, or banned outright, the building of anything on vast areas of land. This is called preserving 'open space,' and 'open space' has become almost a cult obsession among self-righteous environmental activists, many of whom are sufficiently affluent that they don’t have to worry about housing prices.

Government-funded housing, such as Cabrini Green in Chicago and Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, has been a massive failure.

3. Multiple studies have shown that raising the minimum wage actually hurts low-income people.  Yes, a few get an artificial pay boost – which teaches them to be reliant on not their own skills, but government largess to improve their income.

Hillary has shown repeatedly that she knows nothing about and is grossly contemptuous of small businesses.  When she was in charge of Bill Clinton’s failed health care proposal in 1993, she replied to a criticism of the cost of the program to small businesses: “I can’t be responsible for every undercapitalized small business in America.”

4. The “equal pay for women” is just another canard.  When all factors are considered, women’s salaries match up closely to those of men.  Period.

5. Low-income housing credits: another Democratic “rob Peter to bribe Paul” plan.

6. Redirecting federal investments.  Exactly what is this?  Hillary does not explain how it is anything more than taking money from producers and giving it to people who do not produce.

7. Expand access to child care, guarantee paid leave: this signals to (primarily single) women that they can have it all – and the government will force everyone else to accommodate them.  If there is anything that discourages employers from hiring women, it is that they have to pay for child care and paid leave.

8. Double investments in the Head Start program: another “investment.”  Since the federal Head Start program began in 1964, taxpayers have been robbed of over $180 billion ($7,000 per student).  Studies have shown that over the long run, students enrolled in Head Start do not perform any better than students who do not.  In other words, Head Start is but another useless, wasteful government program.

Paragraph 11 of The Hillary’s pitch consists of bashing Donald Trump – 92 words.  So Hillary spent most of her energy bragging about herself and trashing her opponent.  That is her plan.

Her plans about helping Americans amount to nothing more than more of the same: increasing taxes, buying votes, and providing disincentives to poor people while adding trillions of dollars to the federal debt.

Hershel M. Chicowitz is Boomer-in-Charge at Baby Boomer HeadQuarters; www.bbhq.com.