Hillary’s [photshopped] body double

I wrote recently about the possibility that Hillary Clinton has a "Body Double."

I should not have so written, for I was misled by photo-shopped images, and I, in turn, misled readers of these pages and others.

Therefore, I extend a deep apology to all who were misled by my ill-advised blog post.  My failure to perform due diligence has left me “red faced”---and do please excuse my possibly driving you into a safe space by my politically incorrect cultural misappropriation of that very insensitive term.

An astute reader has established to my complete satisfaction that three of my images were false:

Comparing apples to apples: Screen capture from the video vs. the tweeted image: - and why didn’t the… guy…notice it when he viewed the video? Will be interesting to see if anyone corrects him….  

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search, a free app, is often helpful in determining the origin of photoshopped or real pics. You can sort according to oldest or newest, etc.  It shows McMom is the first person to post the narrowed image, and TheGutterTrash.com was the first to post the ‘body double’ [phony] comparison:   


I think he was fooled by the narrowed photo of Hillary in front of Linea:  Compare the text ‘linea’ and see how it - and Hillary - has been narrowed:

Additionally, I have viewed several videos of the event in question, and I am unable to conclude that the person featured in those videos was not, in fact, Mrs. Clinton herself.  Readers may find links to pertinent videos here.

However, I have received numerous emails from people who have concluded otherwise and who have pointed to various aspects of the person's aspect that support their contention.  Hence, my mind is still open to further question. 

My friend, Maggie, draws particular attention to the photo of the person standing with feet widespread and with heels turned outwards as in a dancer’s “First Position.”

This posture awkward and  far from customary for a non-dancer, and my offer of that cold beer still obtains for the first person to show me a photo of Hillary so standing.

Wesearchr notes that:

…Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, but unexpectedly left early….[after] a "medical episode" and may have fainted….[And then] went to Chelsea's apartment….We got video of fainting Hillary stumbling into a black SUV. Let's get video of her leaving it and entering Chelsea's apartment….This could be Hillary's biggest and most serious "medical emergency" yet. The American people need as much evidence of it as possible….[Therefore a video] of Hillary Clinton exiting her black van and entering Chelsea Clinton's apartment….certainly…must have [been] caught….

They are offering a still-uncollected bounty for such a video.  My guess is that it will evermore remain so!

Furthermore, I remain open because Team Hillary has been untruthful about all of the events of last Sunday to say nothing of Mrs. Clinton’s long history of disingenuousness, prevarication, obfuscation, and, well, outright lies and fabrications from the origin of her name to the dodging of snipers as she was being greeted with a bouquet of flowers to you-name-it!

And, of course, who can ever forget the late Bill Safire’s dubbing of her as a “congenital liar” a generation ago?

Nevertheless, I, and all who read this, owe a debt of gratitude to "Ms. D" for her efforts in this regard.

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