Hillary's latest email excuse: Blame the headers!

Last night in the NBC Presidential Forum, Hillary unveiled her latest version of dindunuffin with the very lame claim that all classified information is transmitted with a header that clearly indicates that the contents of the following or underlying document are classified in one ordering or another, ranging from confidential to esoteric versions of top secret headings that ordinary folks like us will never see.  Nice try, Hillary, but that weaselly excuse is easily shot full of holes, with the first buckshot barrage being fired recently by the FBI, who verified that she did indeed receive and send emails that contained classified information.

Had NBC moderator Matt Lauer been on his toes (or so politically inclined), he would have immediately countered her latest justification with the simple question, "Might someone on your staff have removed those headings when the classified emails were taken off the secure State Department network so that they could then be retransmitted in the clear on the open email network you had established?"  Of course, that had to be case, and Lauer knows it, as does Clinton, as well as all the rest of us watching this slowly evolving train wreck.

Removing such headings and retransmitting those documents on an unsecure network is a federal crime.  Receiving such transmissions that contain obvious classified information – such as that regarding potential Air Force satellite drone targeting intelligence or details regarding American human intelligence assets on foreign soil on that unsecure network while lacking those classification headings – is a serious federal offense as well, carrying prison time for ordinary citizens.

FBI director Comey lamely professed that his vaunted investigators could find no evidence of intent by Hillary and her minions to violate federal security regulations.  My question for him is, "Director, just what do you call the removal of security classification headers from classified documents so that they can be retransmitted in the open on an unsecure network if it is not a clear demonstration of intent to subvert the communications restrictions imposed by federal security statutes?"

And the last question that should be asked of Hillary when she makes these silly "heading" excuses for her felonious behavior is this: "Madame Secretary, could you please explain how such forewarning headers could be utilized in your voice-to-voice phone conversations that were classified?  Without the presence of headers, would it not be the content of the conversations themselves that determined the manner in which they should be handled regarding their security level?"

Hillary Clinton, last seen heading south...

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