Hillary's concussion defense: I can't remember briefings

On September 2, 2016, Julia Edwards of Reuters reported that "Hillary Clinton told federal investigators she did not recall all the briefings she received on handling government records while U.S. secretary of state because of a concussion suffered in 2012."

This news was reported on a Friday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, in the hope that it does not get extensive coverage.

The news itself is incredible.  Hillary is admitting she cannot remember briefings because of her concussion.  Does she remember those briefings now, or is that memory of the briefings permanently lost, like her emails?

It appears that Hillary is using the concussion as an excuse to the FBI.  But even this excuse is a lie because she would have received the briefings handling government records as secretary of state back in January-February 2009, when she assumed the office.

Hillary is implying that the concussion in 2012 wiped her memory of events in 2009.  How convenient.  What else can't she remember?  Maybe the requests for security at Benghazi and what she did during the Benghazi attack?

This also means she cannot remember reading emails with classified documents.  And it means she was incapable of doing her job, which she never informed the public about until she used it as an excuse to the FBI.  Maybe Comey concluded that she did not have the intent to destroy the emails because the old girl was mentally impaired and did not have the mental capacity to form an intent.

If we believe Hillary, as the Democrats and mainstream media do, then we have to conclude that the 2012 concussion wiped away parts of Hillary's memory, such as the briefings on how to handle government records.

The first question at the debates should be this: if she can remember losing memory of those briefings, then what else does she remember losing?  How do you know, Hillary, what you forgot?  What are the periods of time that she cannot remember?

Funny – she never said she could not remember the government briefings. 

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