Hillary’s blue world

If viewing the world through rose-colored glasses figuratively offers a positive perspective, how does a blue tint affect things?

In Hillary Clinton’s case, blue-tinted glasses are likely part of how she manages abnormal neurologic events.  As Dr. Ted Noel explained during an exceptional video analysis of Clinton’s 9/11 collapse, blue-tinted glasses may alter brain function in order to transform uncontrollable muscle movements (dyskynesia) into calm and coordinated motion.  Dr. Noel’s hypothesis is that the underlying disease driving abnormal neurological function in Clinton’s case is advanced Parkinson’s.  (For those who haven’t seen this video or his prior videos, see here, here, and here.)

Our incurious media does not appear to wonder why Clinton was wearing blue-tinted glasses this past Sunday (or on other occasions), despite the fact that a blue tint is not among the normal range of tints for sunglasses.  But I was curious to learn more about it.

Truth be told, it was difficult to find information corroborating blue-tinted glasses as part of any treatment regimen for Parkinson’s, even when exploring alternative treatment and/or lifestyle adaptations per resources such as the Mayo Clinic, the American Parkinson Disease Foundation, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (here, here, here, and here).

In addition, the YouTube video featured in Dr. Noel’s video that documents the dramatic impact of blue-tinted glasses on a person experiencing dysknesia has been removed by the user.  I have no idea why.  If the video was a hoax, that could be one reason.  Or perhaps the video’s creator is a Democrat who doesn’t want the material used by those making the case for Clinton’s ill health.

When watching the now removed video that Dr. Noel was able to incorporate into his presentation, I was struck by the immediate and profound impact the glasses seemed to have on the person featured in the video.  I wondered, if such a simple tool were so effective, why it was difficult to find credible references about the use of blue tint with Parkinson’s patients.  There are reasonably plentiful sources that cite the potential benefits of blue-tinted glasses for patients with seizure disorders (here, here, here, here, and here).  But medical journal articles on their use with Parkinson’s patients were hard to come by.

All of that said, I still find Dr. Noel’s methodical explanation for that which ails Hillary Clinton to be extremely compelling, and it serves as a powerful case for why Clinton needs to release her complete medical records.  The public deserves to know what is causing her fainting, freezing, loss of muscle control, cognitive lapses, protracted coughing fits, and other disturbing signs of a serious underlying disease.  Although her specific diagnosis (or diagnoses) has not been made public, based on her observable behavior, there is little doubt she is suffering from some kind of neurologic abnormality.  And aside from the dangers of having a leftist in the Oval Office, America cannot have a president whose brain is abnormally wired and diseased.  Anything less than a release of her complete medical records should be unacceptable to any American who cares about the cognitive functioning of the person who will be the next president of the United States.

And as an aside, just because, where are all the NeverTrumps on this one – those who prattle on about how we can survive a Clinton administration, about how America is stronger than the outcome of one election, and so forth?  Are they so far out there that they dare not wake up to the fact that the Clinton they think we will survive just fine also on occasion becomes mentally incapacitated and quite likely afflicted with an incurable degenerative neurologic disease?

Come on, folks!  Wake up!  With Obama, the bar sank so low that we were faced with people willing to vote for a man who hates America.  With Clinton, the bar has collapsed as we’re faced with people willing to vote for a woman who is mentally incapable.

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