Hillary not fit to run FBI according to standard set by Bill Clinton

On July 20,1993, the LA Times, via Ronald J. Ostrow and Robert L. Jackson, reported that Bill Clinton by his attorney general, Janet Reno, fired FBI director Sessions because: The Justice Department report found, among other things, that Sessions had engaged in a sham transaction to avoid paying taxes on his use of an FBI limousine to take him to and from work, that he had billed the government for a security fence around his home that provided no security and that he had arranged business trips to places where he could meet with relatives[.] Reno said: I have concluded that the director has exhibited a serious deficiency in judgment involving matters contained in the report and that he does not command the respect and confidence needed to lead the bureau and the law enforcement community in addressing the many issues facing law enforcement today[.] There is no question that Hillary lied about turning over to the State Department all her work-related emails, she...(Read Full Post)