Hillary has boxed herself in

Hillary’s dazed and confused airborne presser has raised more questions about her health.  “What’s wrong with Hillary?” asks Steve Hayward of Powerline.  She is officially in a no-win situation, where any lightening of her campaign schedule will be taken as a sign of decrepitude, but where attempting to “power through” exposes her frailty in trying to recover from a debilitating serious illness.

Hayward highlights the key to her diminished mental acuity:

… the incredible part comes around the 40-second mark, when a reporter asks for her reaction to Trump’s remarks, and ... she simply repeats the first statement almost verbatim, like she’s stuck in a tape loop.

If I were a more compassionate human being, I would be feeling a lot of pain for her no-win situation, but she did bring it upon herself by lying when she didn’t even have to.