Hillary Didn’t Stumble -- She Could Not Stand (updated -new video)

A careful viewing of the 9/11 ceremony video shows that Hillary did not stumble, as media reports claim.

In the first few seconds, Hillary is being propped up in a standing position. She could not stand on her own. An aide is standing to the candidate’s left supporting her with an arm under Hillary’s left armpit. She clearly is being held erect by an aide.

Update: Here is a new video with a better angle:

Or is it? It appears to be simply mirror-inaged, but is it?


Then when the vehicle arrives and it is time for everyone to move from the curb to the van, and Hillary gets an assist on her right side as well as her left, you can see that her right foot drags the ground as the aides lift her forward.

The “stumble” looks to be caused by the unexpected dead weight that the two aides are carrying. It appears as though the two aides assumed Hillary would be able to take some weight on her feet. When she couldn’t, her body buckled for a second and the aides increased the upward pressure of support.

The important observation is that the video evidence appears to show the candidate unable to assume an upright, standing position without help, which is different from stumbling off a curb.