Hilarious! Hillary calls NY and NJ attacks ‘bombings’ – and seconds later attacks Trump for calling NY a ‘bombing’

Even low information voters are going to start to notice the ridiculous double standard applied to Donald Trump by the media. But rarely do events sort themselves out to show so clearly the willingness to attack Trump for the same acts or words Hillary Clinton utilizes. But we just had a stark demonstration that lasts less than minute, proving beyond any doubt that attacks on Trump are bogus. Sundance of Conservative Treehouse caught the moment: A well sedated Secretary Clinton begins her remarks (00:28) by saying: “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, as well as the attack in Minnesota”… Note the emphasis: “briefed about the bombings“. However, seemingly oblivious to the fact Secretary Clinton just said “bombings“, Hillary’s traveling press pool asks the very first question 40 seconds later (01:08) which was: “Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald...(Read Full Post)