Here's the Vital U.S. Security Interest in Syria

A major objection to American involvement in Syria appears in the form of a question: “why is this our problem?” It is indeed our problem, for cold reasons of geopolitics which have nothing to do with humanitarian intervention, R2P or liberal internationalism. In Caroline Glick's latest column in the Jerusalem Post, is the stake for U.S. security interests around the world. Here's the money quote: By adopting a strategy of total war, Putin has ensured that far from becoming the quagmire that President Barack Obama warned him Syria would become, the war in Syria has instead become a means to transform Russia into the dominant superpower in the Mediterranean, at the US’s expense.  “In exchange for saving Assad’s neck and enabling Iran and Hezbollah to control Syria, Russia has received the capacity to successfully challenge US power. Last month Putin brought an agreement with Assad before the Duma for ratification. The...(Read Full Post)