Get out the Trump

Election 2016 is proving educational if nothing else. Thanks to Hillary, we are learning to tell the difference between a stroke, a seizure, and a fainting spell. Donald Trump, meanwhile has been overturning the conventional wisdom of our political class, even puncturing some of the Beltway GOP’s most cherished superstitions. It turns out all the millions the Mike Murphys of the consultant/pollster complex spend on television dreck don’t help candidates in Republican primaries. It is much better to speak directly to Middle America about real, compelling issues. For example, agree with him or not, everybody knows about Trump and his border wall and his opposition to trade deals. But John Kasich? I seem to remember his dad was a mailman. Was there anything else? Trump is now being roasted for another campaign sacrilege -- denigrating the get-out-the vote portion of the campaign. But I think Trump is once again on to something. Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman were...(Read Full Post)