Gender insanity rules as colleges begin a new academic year

Universities across America fall off the cliff into an abyss of insanity on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, it’s not just school administrators who do so.  Our educational institutions take our young people over the cliff with them.

One among countless issues these institutions of (cough) higher education obsess about is gender.  Or lack thereof.  Or change thereof.  Or renaming thereof.  Or fluidity thereof.  As Breitbart reports:

In an effort to increase campus inclusivity, administrators at Champlain College in Vermont distributed gender pronoun pins to incoming freshmen to establish the wearers’ preferred gender pronouns.

Danielle Berube, Champlain’s Director of Residential Life, claimed that the college has a portion of students whose genders don’t adhere to the traditional male-female gender binary. “We have a number of students who identify as transgender or on the non-binary spectrum, and about a week before orientation while we were pulling together materials, the idea just kind of came out of the air,” Berube said. “It just seemed like a no-brainer — a very easy way to make the first day of college for a number of our students maybe a little bit easier.”

Champlain students were also given the option of claiming that their gender is fluid, which denotes that an individual’s gender is malleable and changing. Although there is little science on this topic, some trans-advocates argue that genderfluidity is a form of gender expression rather than a static gender identity.

Theater of the absurd.

My name is Carol, and my pronoun is “your highness.”

(And as a side note, it’s not just colleges and universities where this is happening.  It’s in our public schools and has become pervasive throughout our society.  See here, here, here, and here.)

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