Gary Johnson and the Libertarian myth

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson recently displayed the major rational and philosophical kink in the libertarian armor.  The former governor of New Mexico was asked if marriage between people of the same sex (SSM) should be legal, and he responded in the affirmative.  But when asked about polygamy, he resorted to the more traditionally consistent libertarian position that it should be a "state issue."

But wait a second.  He's okay with SSM not being a state issue?  Should the people have the right to decide such issues via majority vote or not?  Where's the consistency?

If one truly seeks smaller government, he will agree that it should have no place defining and redefining marriage.  I never thought a marriage license could be so complicated.

Libertarians portray themselves as tolerant and accepting, but remove moral principles –including when it comes to government-sanctioned infanticide – and your political ideology takes a major hit.  This is the major difference between classical liberalism and today's libertarian.  You cannot have a workable political philosophy that accommodates atheism to the extent that "by necessity" it serves as a foundational governing principle.  This is where we so often miss the mark.  Not by punishing sin, per se, but by accommodating it – and making laws to make it more palatable and widely acceptable.

As for today's GOP, the major issue has nothing to do with Trump being more objectionable than prior GOP candidates.  It is actually our whole political system that is detestable and objectionable.  No true "citizen-first" public official can rise to the top in this faux Constitutional Republic that is "America Inc."  In fact, Trump is already falling in line.

With globalists and lobbyists determining our national direction and presidential options, is it some sort of hysterical exaggeration to imply that the liberty we seek is unobtainable?  In fact, the case continues to reveal itself in real time that our liberty was irreparably compromised well over a century ago...and that it's never coming back.