Forget Trump for now, Hillary’s big problem is the ‘dump Hillary’ impulse among powerful Democrats

Imagine for a moment you are a powerful Democrat, one of the puppeteers, not a puppet.  The big donors, the heads of the powerful interest groups, and probably some people we’ve never heard of. Suddenly, your nominee looks not just vulnerable – as the polls have all but closed -- but sickly, caught deceiving the public  on her physical health.  After months of gloating over the ease of defeating Donald Trump, the pit-of-the-stomach fear is growing of losing to an insurgent who might actually upset the political elite’s applecart.  Roger L. Simon gets it: Few would have thought this even a couple of weeks ago, but almost certainly many Democrats are wondering in the wake of Hillary Clinton's sudden "overheating" at the 9/11 memorial service whether it would be advisable to escort Hillary to the wings and bring forth a more acceptable candidate. In other words, she could do, or be forced to do, what most of...(Read Full Post)