Following arraignment on food stamp fraud, deli owner Muslim immigrant’s wife and daughter flip the bird and yell ‘F**k America’

Deli ownerAhmed Alshami is being held on $2-million bond in Erie County New York on multiple charges of food stamp fraud and burglary.  

He’s accused of criminal possession of public benefit cards, misuse of food stamps and criminal use of a public benefit card for defrauding the welfare system.

Alshami’s little scheme consisted of buying food stamp cards (EBT cards) from people willing to sell them for cash, and would generally pay them half their worth. He would then use the food stamps to purchase items from “big box” stores for use in his store. He ran this scam between October, 2014, and March, 2016, making purchases that totaled a little over $3800.

Ahmed in his store

But he didn’t stop there.

In March of this year, Alshami allegedly burglarized an unoccupied rental property, stealing kitchen cabinets, a hot water tank, and baseboard heating units.

And last year, Alshami posted a rant on his local community’s Facebook page, complete with an image of him flipping the finger while accusing locals of trying to shut down his store. He wrote:

From the Davey & Ludington store owners… The people who sit here and say they want the store shut down are the same people buying wraps to smoke weed… We will stay open regardless of what you want… Long stay the Arab stores… We are gonna stay here and make this money! So try to shut us down.

They're a family of charmers, all right.  But keep in mind that in their culture (which is entitled to respect and deference according to the multi-culturalists), this behavior is fully justified.  They are believers, and we are kufrs, by Allah's command subordinate to believers in all respects and not entitled to equal rights. 

Of course, Ahmed is entitled to the presumption of innocence.  But his wife and daughter are already guilty of being anti-American immigrants who should not be here, but nevertheless are because we lack extreme vetting.

Outside a Buffalo, New York courtroom where Alshami was arraigned on various charges, his burqua-clad wife looked into a television camera and asked defiantly, “Are you happy now? F&*& you. F&*& America,” while the couple’s daughter signaled her displeasure with the American legal system by extending the middle finger of each hand.

Here is a Buffalo TV station account, including videotape:

The Alshami family is a perfect illustration of the need for the extreme vetting Doanld Trump called for.  Apparently, Hillary would rather let everyone in and sort them out after predictable anti-American misbehavior (and worse).

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