Everyone is pro-life

This week in Austin, Texas, on Congress Avenue, I was holding a sign with two babies, one in the womb, and one born, both happy and smiling.  It suddenly struck me that everyone is pro-life to different degrees.  No one was throwing himself in front of trucks and cars in the streets, and everyone was obeying the traffic lights, ensuring that everyone stayed alive.  Everyone was trying to live, going to restaurants and coffee shops, breathing, and avoiding death at every turn.  Tremendous efforts were being made by people on the street to live and let live.

I asked passersby, “Do you know you are pro-life?  Do you want to stay alive today?  All but one person responded that they wanted to live.  I replied, “You want to live, so you are pro-life for your own life.  Could you have some compassion and love for other lives, for babies in the womb?  Do you have a big enough heart to love all lives, born and yet to be born?”

Not surprising, many people admitted they were pro-life, and some understood the logical concept that if they want to live, they are, in fact, pro-life to some degree.

Out of hundreds of people I talked to, only one man said he did not care if he lived or died.  I explained, “I care about you, and your life matters to me.”   Since he is alive and trying to stay alive, he is pro-life in reality

What is truly amazing is that we are all pro-life deep down in our hearts, unless we are actively trying to commit suicide or serial murders.  While some are more pro-life than others, or have more respect for the lives of everyone else in the world, born or unborn, we are all ultimately pro-life.  The only difference is to what degree a person is pro-life, and how much love and compassion someone has for the lives of everyone other than himself.

Pro-choice is simply a hypocritical lie, because the pro-choice person wants to live but doesn’t have enough compassion and love to care about other people’s lives.  Even pro-choice people are pro-life in their core belief that their own lives matter.  Will pro-choice people someday begin to have compassion for the pre-born, who desperately want to live?  All things are possible with God and love.

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