Email blunder or espionage?

In the intelligence game, the appearance of espionage is treated as espionage.  You generally don't have time to hold a long legal trial, so suspect agents and assets are immediately choked off to prevent further damage.  By that rule, Huma and Hillary should have been shut out of State Department communications long ago. 

The biggest and most dangerous lie Hillary told was her know-nothing girlie defense she was just too ignorant or too stupid to understand that evading all State Department rules about email security was a dangerous thing to do clearly a felony under federal law.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and Hillary's claim of ignorance or stupidity would never stand in court.  Millions of the web-savvy kids in America understand that Hillary's know-nothing excuse was a joke at best, but Hillary can still convince the ignorant, the terminally gullible, and the plain dumb.  That includes much of the U.S. propaganda media. 

If it looks and smells like espionage, it is likely to be espionage.  Huma is a lifelong Muslim Brotherhood loyalist, and her late father and living mother founded the so-called Institute for Muslim Minority Studies in the U.K., a "charity" that has the whole family on its payroll, including Huma.  The Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous network of jihad-mongers on the Saudi (Sunni) side of that world, and with Obama's active collusion, the M.B.s came perilously close to taking over Egypt several years ago. 

Hillary has allowed Huma into her inner circle since 1996, and there is no way that the CIA failed to warn Hillary about Huma's dangerous associations.  The Clarion Project has been warning for years about major subversive M.B. dollar flows going into Democratic coffers, especially the Clinton campaign.  Americans who are aware or the danger should therefore know all about high-level enemy penetration of our government. 

Not coincidentally, FBI director James Comey has just admitted to involvement with the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons' pot of gold for foreign campaign donations.  The FBI "investigation" of the Hillary-Huma espionage ring was therefore a sham.  Comey has not been fired for that public confession, a clear sign of malfeasance in office for his boss, the president of the United States. 

Again, just as a coincidence, the director of the CIA has just "discovered" that he was once a member of the Communist Party.  He also has not been fired.  The visible rot at the top grows bigger and grosser.  Obama himself now appears as a player in the open email disaster in U.S. national security, a fact that should surprise no one.

Jihad means holy war against non-Muslims, which is almost all of the United States.  The jihad regime in Iran proclaims "Death to America!" every single day, in case you have any doubt.  The jihad terror sponsors in Saudi Arabia are only slightly subtler.  The Saudi Wahhabis have openly endorsed ISIS atrocities as following Islamic law. 

Violent jihad was declared against the West with the rise of OPEC, according to Wikipedia.  Although jihad is legally never-ending, violent jihad through terror is only one means, along with mass infiltration, sabotage, espionage, blackmail, terror attacks, and similar acts of war.  From the jihad point of view, therefore, the United States and Europe have been targets of violent jihad since the early 1970s. 

These facts provide a prima facie case for Hillary and Huma committing treason under the U.S. Constitution, along with others in the know, which surely includes Bill and Obama.

The DNC may have a point when they accuse Vladimir Putin of feeding major national security email dumps to public front organizations like Wikileaks.  (In the latest, the DNC is caught calling Pennsylvania and Ohio voters "white trash."  Way to go, Hillary!) 

Putin could have these objectives. 

1. Revenge for the breakdown of the Soviet Union, which also tore huge gaps in KGB archives.  Putin has expressed his intention to take revenge against the United States many times. 

2. Strategically, the Niagara of e-secrets flooding from the U.S. government today poses a great danger to Russia, since we conduct a very active espionage program against Russia, China, Germany, France, Israel, and other countries (which return the compliment).  U.S. spillage therefore threatens to expose Russian secrets as well. 

3. He is turning the enormous espionage fiasco into a public scandal that will force the U.S. and other countries to take protective action. 

4. He is undermining our alliances, since no one will trust us with secrets.

5. He is trying to undermine the Hillary campaign, since she is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Putin fears.  As Netanyahu just pointed out at the U.N., Russia has a major national security interest in resisting the advance of jihad into its territory and government.  Anything that helps the M.B.s is necessarily bad for Russia, which has fought the Chechen jihadis for years.  The massive email leaks also undermine Obama, who is also viewed as an M.B. colluder by Moscow.  Because China is also fighting Muslim rebels on its territory, in this respect, Chinese and Russian interests are the same. 

This is a huge national security mess, surely the biggest one in American history, and it is ramifying even as we speak.  It may take decades to restore national security, and in the meantime, the highest priority is to conduct a national security purge in the Permanent Government.  I believe that Trump may be able to make some progress in cleaning out the excrement-filled stables in D.C., but I have no hope for Hillary.  We are under attack by jihad forces, both Iranian and Sunni, and we have other enemies ready to take advantage. 

​One strategic advantage may be that Russia needs our help to resist the tide of jihad.  Putin has therefore proposed a WWII-style U.S.-Russian alliance.  But if we stay stupid and ignorant, as our media are frantically trying to accomplish, we will simply get picked off one by one.  We need an international alliance of civilized nations, even though every single Western nation is facing similar internal security dangers.  ​Jihad has been beaten back more than once, and it can be beaten again.  But not by closing our eyes, like Hillary and Huma, and acting like idiots.