'El Nafta' is a big issue south of the border, too

Over the years, I've seen many Mexicos.    In the 1980s, I lived and worked in Mexico and saw an economy highly regulated and industries totally protected from foreign competition.  For example, foreigners leaving Mexico found no problem selling all of their electronic appliances at garage sales.  On Saturday mornings, Mexican middle-class couples would drive around looking for that American TV or stereo they couldn't buy at a local shop.  I specifically recall selling my 7-year old stereo unit for about the same price that I paid for in the U.S.  Mexicans wanted foreign appliances, from radios to washing machines and specially refrigerators.  And they paid cash for everything! In the 1990s, Mexico agreed to NAFTA, and now everything is available down there.  Garage sales are no longer a big deal because they can buy everything at Walmart or wherever. Since the 1990s, I've seen that NAFTA is a...(Read Full Post)