Deplorable me and disgusting Hillary

So here I am in my yu-u-u-ge  basket filled with millions of deplorables and I discover they're like me in so many ways

Let's run down the list of epithets thrown at us by Hillary and see if there might be a teensy weensy bit of projection going on.


a) Fifteen years after one of the worst attacks in the name of Islam on American soil by followers of Islam that killed thousands of innocents in the World Trade Center towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC and a plane that went down in Pennsylvania because heroes on board overpowered the terrorists, stopping their plans for even more destruction;

b) Four years after an attack in the name of Islam by followers of Islam on the American Embassy in Benghazi killed four brave Americans because then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) didn't call out the troops to protect them after a 3am wake up call;

c)  Brutal beheadings of Americans and others in the name of Islam by followers of Islam;

d) mass killings in the name of Islam by followers of Islam in San Bernardino, California and Orlando, Florida, Paris, France not to mention to Muslim world and more, more and even more over the centuries we're wary of the followers of Islam.  

That's not phobic; wariness of Islam is a valid fear to us deplorable basket cases.


Huh?  The woman who defended her powerful husband for seducing a much younger intern working for him, who stood by quietly and approvingly when the Friends of Bill and the so called Feminists called her, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and others trailer trash, liars, whores and other ugly epithets is the one who is anti-woman not us folks in the basket of deplorables.


Bill and Hillary happily and uncomplainingly golfed in all white golf clubs using their white skin privilege; racially appropriating blackness by calling himself "the first black president" did not make Bill black or a black golfer.  So the Clinton couple are the bigots, not us deplorable basket golfers on open to all public golf courses. 


As the daughter of immigrants who arrived in America legally and worked hard to learn English and worked hard in general in a land of immigrants we're not against others coming here; we just want them to also come here legally, learn the language and not claim special victim status.  Again, that's not phobic, that's fair and American and oh yes, even constitutional.

Now I won't call people names but wannabe president Hillary Clinton's remarks, made at a fundraiser, certainly found an appreciative audience, laughing and applauding her.  So yes, they got their $50,000 worth; her later half hearted non-apology apology, which she used to attack her opponent and his followers, probably made the attendees feel even more smug.

Clinton made the comments before introducing Barbra Streisand at an LGBT fundraiser in downtown New York.

According to average ticket prices and attendance figures provided by the campaign, Clinton raised around $6 million at the fundraiser, at which some attendees paid $50,000.

So, did Ms. Hillary deliberately utter that outrageous phrase in a desperate attempt to distract from her burgeoning e mail scandal lies, her Clinton Foundation pay to play lies and her lies in general?  Many of us deplorable basket residents think so.  

If that was an off-the-cuff gaffe, Team Clinton would have huddled afterward and resolved to never repeat it. Instead she’s taken to using it as an applause line at fundraisers. How come? Why would she insult Trump’s voters knowing that he’s going to milk the outrage for donations and try to use it to goose turnout? Liam Donovan, a former GOP staffer, has a theory:



Meanwhile, in this age of irony, deplorables has become a badge of honor.




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