Debate: Trump did well, despite a big obstacle

Trump did well overall despite the clear bias in the questions asked and not asked by Lester Holt, and a missed opportunity to attack Hillary on the email scandal and Benghazi.  The tone of debates is set by questions asked and questions not asked.

Holt spent much time on whether Trump will release his tax records and on the birther issue.  Trump has answered these questions, but Holt kept pressuring him.  Holt kept interrupting Trump during his answers, but he did not interrupt Hillary.  Holt should have asked Hillary if her campaign started the birther issue in 2008.

But most importantly, Holt did not ask Hillary about the Bubba Foundation that has received billions of dollars from countries, individuals, and businesses that had business with the Hillary State Department.

Holt did not ask about how she amassed $300 million during the last 15 years, and why anyone would pay up to $500K per speech to her "husband" Bubba while she was secretary of state, not to mention her own speech fees after she left office.

Holt did not ask Hillary about the pay for play, nor did he ask her about Benghazi, specifically why she lied about the attack's cause.  Holt did not ask Hillary if she agrees with Obama's veto of the bill to allow September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, nor why the Saudis gave $25 million to the Bubba Foundation.

The questions by Holt were designed to help Hillary as much as possible by focusing on the birther issue and taxes.

Trump made a mistake by not focusing on the emails scandal when Holt asked about cyber-security.  This was the time to say she was extremely negligent and that Comey said her emails could have been hacked by foreign governments.

Trump did well on discussing trade, ISIS, and the economy, and in pointing out that Hillary has not done anything during her 26 years about the problems of crime, the economy, and race relations.

Hillary gave her standard answers on generalities and personal attacks on Trump.  She gave no reasons why she should be president.  She had the unnatural smile on her face as she recited her monologues.

Overall, Trump did well, but every Republican candidate has to debate the Democratic candidate and the moderator.