Court ruling against discrimination discriminates against African-Americans

The striking down of North Carolina’s 2013 voting law by the U.S. Court of Appeals’ 4th Circuit, and the Supreme Court’s refusal to reinstate the law, was very disappointing.  The court found the law to be discriminating against black Americans.  In my opinion, the court’s ruling, at the urging of the Democratic Party, was discriminatory and demeaning!

The following quotes from the 4th Circuit’s ruling can be found on pages 14, 43, and 75.

“The law required in-person voters to show certain photo IDs, beginning in 2016, which African Americans disproportionately lacked…”

“The district court specifically found that the removal of public assistance IDs in particular was suspect, because a reasonable legislator would be aware of the socioeconomic disparities endured by African Americans and could have surmised that African Americans would be more likely to possess this form of ID.”

“…if an in-person voter cannot present a qualifying form of photo ID which African Americans are more likely to lack…”

Since the court ruled that black Americans disproportionately lack the ability to obtain proper ID, why should they need proper identification at all?  If the court’s logic is fully applied, black Americans should be exempt from obtaining driver’s licenses, or any other government-approved form of ID necessary to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or medication, or to perform any function that requires proper ID.

The court all but stated that black Americans are inferior and in need of special benefits; therefore, all us black folks can thank the Democratic Party for saving us once again!

Democrats are always looking out for the best interest of black Americans.  We should thank them for creating the Ku Klux Klan and bringing Southern lynching into vogue.  We should also thank them for fighting against the implementation of the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Their efforts forced Southern blacks to wait an additional 95 years for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to be signed.  We must never forget the innovative requirements they brought to the voting booth: literacy tests, poll taxes, and other Jim Crow separate-but-equal procedures.

This Democratic push to protect blacks from the necessity to obtain proper voter identification is just another form of voluntary servitude.  If you can’t chain the person, chain the mind!  By constantly programming black Americans to the effect that the Republicans are racist and presenting themselves as saviors, Democrats have successfully created “freed slavery.”

The key is to keep black minds fixated on Democrats as their only way out of poverty.  Allow a bite of the carrot every now and then, but never permit access to the crop.  Let a few achieve greatness to entice the masses, but never permit the masses to achieve greatness.  Chains are not necessary if the mind is imprisoned.

The last thing black Americans should want is elections that do not require proper voter identification from everyone.  Blacks make up less than 15% of the population and whites over 70%.  If every black man, woman, and child voted, all of them together would never be able to offset the white vote if it was against them.  The only assurance that every black vote will count is if every counted vote comes from identifiable voters.

Black Americans cannot expect to be treated as adults and children at the same time.  Since there are no rights without responsibilities, we must be responsible enough to partake of our rights.  We will never achieve the achievable by allowing others to steer our course.  We must navigate this land called the United States of America on our own.  Then, and only then, will we be able to stand alongside every other group of Americans equally.

Samuel E. Tolley, III, CPM®, B.A., M.A. is the author of Enemy of Christ: Revelation 21:8.  Follow Samuel on his website, and email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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