Countdown to burqas on fashion show runways

The world of fashion means little to me.  But the steady encroachment of Islamic norms in our culture does.  It seems no place is safe from sharia’s creep into every aspect of our society.  Most recently it popped up on the fashion runway when Indonesian Muslima Anniesa Hasibuan had her clothing designs featured at New York’s Fashion Week.

(Hasibaun swaddled in high-end Muslima attire.)

All the models wore hijabs as they strode the catwalk.

Here’s one model being readied for her hijab.  Oh, it’s so exciting!  (sarc off)

A hijab is not a fashion statement.  It’s not an accessory like a hat or a scarf.  It’s a statement about Islam and sharia.  These models (none of whom, I speculate, is Muslim) had no business wearing hijabs.  In so doing, they normalized them and made them seem innocuous when they’re anything but.  What next?  Will they have to recite the shahada before strutting their stuff on the runway?  (See here for an excellent discussion of what a hijab means, presented by Bill Warner.)

As for the audience at fashion show, after the sharia-on-the-runway display, they went wild with excitement.  CNN reports:

The show concluded with a standing ovation from audience members.

Lori Riviere, the press manager for the event, said: “I have been doing this for a really long time and I have never seen a standing ovation at the end of a show. We all had goose bumps.”

Why a standing ovation?  Oh, that’s right.  That’s what dhimmis do.  Muslims are a special class as Islamophilia spreads like wildfire across the West.

Meanwhile, no event like this would be complete without the now predictable reference to “making history,” as reported in Teen Vogue:

A designer just made history at NYFW in the most inclusive and inspiring way. Designer Anniesa Hasibuan marched an army of gorgeous girls down the catwalk, all in full hijab. While the collection boasted intricately embroidered gowns, metallic brocade tops, and lust-worthy jewelry, it was the headwear that stole the show.

Yeah, you heard that right: “teen.”  Let’s get our girls ready to don their hijabs and brainwash them to perceive Islamic garb as normal and not indicative of anything problematic.

Teen Vogue wasn’t the only place to breathlessly push the “historic” hype.  CNN, the BBC, and other media outlets were all on board (here, here, and here).

I’ll tell you what would be historic at this point.  Let’s stop embracing all things Islamic.  Let’s stop going to bat for Islam.  Let’s stop lying and try speaking the truth about Islamic law and how Islamic cultural norms run counter to American values.

Let’s stop legitimizing, glamorizing, and elevating Islamic expression in the West.  Let’s stop buying into the meme that Islam is not at all different from any other religion.  Let’s stop peddling the lie that Muslims are victims and that the slightest of slight accomplishments (even faux ones like Clock Boy’s non-invention) must be met with gushing recognition and praise.

Here’s a novel idea: let’s stand for America and American values and let those who embrace values diametrically opposed to our own live elsewhere instead of infiltrating and colonizing the greatest nation that ever was – a nation that will fail to be if we continue down this insane path, from our aversion to naming the enemy to models on NYC runways wrapped up in hijabs and everything in between.

(Countdown to the Western embrace of burqa fashion.  Oh, never mind.  It’s already here, here, and here.)

Hat tip: Breitbart