Coming soon to a doctor's office near you: Obamacare public option

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, it appears likely that in order to save what's left of Obamacare, some kind of "public option" will be proposed in Congress next year. We've documented the death spiral of Obamacare over the last few months as the co-ops continue to fail, insurers run away from the state exchanges, and premiums spike at unbearable levels.  Even with the government subsidies for most consumers, the few plans available to many Americans have higher deductibles and less coverage than plans in the past.  This has led Democrats running for every office from top to bottom to call for a radical fix for the law – the public option that would force most of the remaining private insurers out of the market and complete a government takeover of the health care system. Washington Times: “It’s just been an awful summer for Obamacare,” Robert Laszewski, a health care policy consultant in...(Read Full Post)