CNBC's reporter John Harwood imagines racial overtones in reporting on Trump's New York Economic Club speech

Immediately following the airing of Donald Trump's major speech to the Economic Club of New York, the CNBC anchor turned to the network's longtime political reporter, John Harwood, for his reaction.  Here's part of what Harwood said, somehow managing to put a divisive racial spin on Trump's speech. 

Following this quote from Harwood, I've included a link to the full transcript of Trump's speech and excerpted the portions surrounding his statement that "[t]he only thing she can ever offer is a welfare check."  No fair reading of Trump's speech can possibly include any racial overtones whatsoever.  Considering the actual speech after Harwood's comments shows that Harwood has not changed his stripes as an obvious Democrat political hack/flack masquerading as an objective reporter.  CNBC should be ashamed.

CNBC's John Harwood:

I also thought it was striking, as you mentioned Scott, the welfare check terminology that he applied to Hillary Clinton's economics.  You know we've got a very racially polarized electorate right now and we all know that the debates over welfare that culminated with welfare reform in the 1990s were very racially charged and I think he was playing to the notion that a significant number of Americans have that non-white Americans are disproportionately dependent on welfare programs and kind of sharpens that divide between those non-college whites supporting him and the Hillary Clinton Democratic coalition which is very heavy with non-white voters.

The relevant portion of Trump's speech:

My opponent’s plan rejects this optimism. She offers only more taxing, regulating, more spending and more wealth redistribution – a future of slow growth, declining incomes, and dwindling prosperity.

The only people who get rich under Hillary Clinton’s scheme are the donors and the special interests.

In Hillary Clinton’s America, we have surrendered our status as the world’s great economy, and we have surrendered our middle class to the whims of foreign countries.

Not one single idea she has will create one net American job, or create one new dollar of American wealth for our workers. The only thing she can ever offer is a welfare check. Our plan will produce paychecks, and they’re going to be great paychecks for millions of people now unemployed.

In the course of this campaign, I have travelled all across this country and I’ve met the most amazing people. Every day, I’ve seen the goodness and character of our country, and brave citizens proudly fighting through hard times and difficult circumstances.

In many parts of our country, the hard times never seem to end. I’ve visited cities and towns in upstate New York where half the jobs have left and moved to other countries.

Politicians have abandoned these places all over our country and the people who live there.

Worse still, politicians have heaped scorn and disdain on these wonderful Americans. My opponent described tens of millions of American citizens as deplorable and irredeemable – how can Hillary Clinton seek to lead this country when she considers its citizens beyond redemption?

The hardworking people she calls deplorable are the most admirable people I know: they are cops and soldiers, teachers and firefighters, young and old, moms and dads, blacks, whites and Latinos – but above everything else, they are all American. They love their families, they love their country, and they want a better future.

These are the forgotten men and women of America. People who work hard but don’t have a voice.

I am running to be their voice, and to fight to bring prosperity to every part of this country.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Progressives hear “welfare check” and immediately associate that with blacks.  That is nothing more than racism – projecting their own racism on others.  Bizarrely, they consider this a way of signaling their own virtue.

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