Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn’t

As anyone with a pulse knows, there were two police shootings this past week; two African-American men were killed by officers, one in Tulsa, Okla., one in Charlotte, N.C.  The man killed in Tulsa did not have a gun, but the white female officer believed he was reaching for one and fired.  The police say the man in Charlotte did have a gun and a permit to carry it, and one was found near his body, apparently with his prints and DNA.  But the videos shot on the scene do not definitively show what happened.  His wife can be heard saying, "Get out of the car" and "don't do it," but it is not clear if she is talking to the police, her husband, or alternately to both.  So bottom line: the facts are unclear in both events, especially the one in Charlotte.

The officer who shot Keith White in Charlotte is also African-American and by all accounts an outstanding young man, a former football star and graduate of Liberty University.  His life has been upended now, as has the life of the Tulsa officer. Betty Shelby, who has been charged with first-degree manslaughter.

Charlotte is the latest Ferguson.  The facts of the event, still unknown, do not matter.  It does not matter that since Obama took office, over three thousand African-Americans have been killed in Chicago by other African-Americans.  No one outside their immediate family and friends knows their names.  Obama does not speak out about their murders or the fact that Illinois’s strict gun laws have done nothing to reduce the number of shootings in Chicago.  So, curiously, Charlotte is the scene of riots, looting, and more violence like Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas.  Many of the protesters are being bussed in and paid, quite possibly with dollars donated by George Soros.  He was behind the paid protesters in Ferguson and is most likely behind the chaos in Charlotte.  Last night, seventy percent of the people arrested were not from North Carolina. 

So why are there riots and demonstrations in Charlotte and not in Tulsa?  Could it be because Oklahoma is a conservative state?  The citizens of Tulsa know that the law will prevail.  North Carolina is, according to the polls, split between Trump and Clinton.  Is it possible that the Clinton campaign thinks that rioting and chaos by the Black Lives Matter crowd will help her in that state? 

Why on Earth would she think that?  Because she is the racist who assumes that black people watching black people destroy their businesses will blame Trump and vote for her?  Might those black citizens be more likely to want some law and order in their communities like everyone else in this country?  And if that is the case, won't they be more likely to vote for Trump, who is the law and order candidate, endorsed by the police union?  That would be the logical conclusion if the left were ever logical.  But the left is diabolical.  Anything for power and control, no matter how sleazy and truly, revoltingly racist.  Soros and his acolytes like Clinton are well and truly vile.  Our African-American citizens mean nothing to them but voters to be beguiled.

For inexplicable reasons, leftists believe that the violence wrought by angry minorities will benefit them, so they encourage it.  They subsidize it.  Obama has given his not-so-tacit permission to riot every time one of these tragic events occurs, from the Henry Louis Gates minor incident to the killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the Dallas officers.  And now BLM is rolling in money, $100M from "social justice" organizations.  Soros gave them $33M. 

What we see in Charlotte is what they pay for.  They are not wasting their money in Tulsa because Oklahoma is in the bag for Trump.  Nothing is as it seems in an election season.  Nothing is as it seems when the left thinks it may lose.  The long knives come out.  Obama and Hillary contribute to the violence by speaking out in defense of the "victims" of these police shootings before they know any facts and even after they do.  Almost always, the victims are men with long criminal records who fail to cooperate with the simplest police requests like "drop the gun."  Of course, there are exceptions to this rule that are truly tragic, but it is still the rule.

In Charlotte, as in Ferguson, Baltimore and Dallas, the rioters/protesters shout their anger and hatred for white people.  White people, in their view, are responsible for all their problems.  As one protestor said in Dallas, "They have all the money and won't give us any."  Colleges and universities across the nation are capitulating to this divisive nonsense; one is flying BLM flags alongside the American flag.  More and more words and phrases are effectively banned from our daily conversation because they might offend someone.  Today, the words "American BBQ" have been deemed unacceptable.  The powers that be in our country have gone certifiably mad.

That Trump won the Republican nomination was a shock to the Beltway establishment on both sides of the aisle and to many conservative voters.  How could this thoroughly unacceptable jerk ever be considered for the office of the president?  Charlotte pretty much answers that question.