BLM leader mugged, demands more police patrols

Jerry Ford, Jr., a graduate student at the University of Houston, is a student leader in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and now he is a crime victim, too.  Returning home to his off-campus apartment, he was mugged Tuesday night.  His response is quite revealing, as well as amusing.

That’s right: he wants more police patrols, but please from the University of Houston Police, not, apparently, from the Houston P.D. or the Harris County sheriff.  Oh, and Ford avers that he would have given money to the mugger because he must have really needed the money and ain’t that a shame?  (I paraphrase.)

Jerry Ford, Jr. is not yet a neoconservative, defined as a liberal who has been mugged.  For now, he is handling his cognitive dissonance by believing in the victimhood of the robber who victimized him.  

But there is at least hope for him.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection

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