Article that gave Dems a chance to attack Melania Trump is retracted

Democrats showed their true colors when they seized on an article in the U.K. Daily Mail that suggested that Melania Trump may have engaged in prostitution, not modeling, when she first traveled abroad.  Leave aside for the moment that Democrats prefer the term “sex worker” and generally regard prostitutes as among the oppressed victims of the world they champion, who can do no wrong.

Melania Trump in her early adult years traveled from her native Slovenia to seek opportunity abroad.  Don’t Democrats love immigrants, legal or not?  So questions that were raised about her visa would seem to be harping on “documentation” – which Dems all know is just ridiculous, not worthy of even mentioning.

Melania Trump is mother of a young child.  Did the harm their criticism would do to the innocent child factor?  Of course not.  Principles are for suckers.

In any event, no doubt pursued by lawyers, the Daily Mail has issued a complete retraction of the article seized upon by Trump haters.  Apologies from Democrats would be required but are unlikely, to say the least.

And where does Melania Trump go to get her reputation back?

My answer: The White House, starting in January.

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