American horror story

The was something hideous – the word is used advisedly – about the Hillary Show on Sunday.

We all saw the video that starts with Hillary leaning on the stanchion waiting for the Secret Service SUV to arrive. In most venues on the Web, it is replayed first with at least two zooms and then mirror-imaged which has the illusion of providing additional information, although we know it does not.

As the SUV arrives, Hillary tries to shuffle forward off the stanchion on which she has been leaning. She moves, attempting a stiff-legged shuffle, which she cannot do by herself. She is assisted by the man on her left, and then after one or two steps, collapses utterly, with the man on her right coming in to hold her up on that side. If you look closely at one of the zoomed-in videos, her feet as in a cartoon, with her toes pointing backwards and the top of her feet dragging along the ground.

Then, like a thunderclap, something doesn’t happen. They don’t go to the hospital; they don’t go to the ER. Presumably, if Chelsea weren’t living in New York, they would have gotten a hotel room.

And then, like a second thunderclap, Hillary reappears!! Now, she is perky, smiling, and waving to the crowd, practically like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. All that was missing was a dirndl.

This reappearance gave the episode something of the character of a horror movie, one that we are now living in along with Hillary, rather than watching as entertainment with the horror taking place somewhere else.

What is going on? Is Hillary essentially on death’s door inside, but able to have the appearance of being alive on the outside by virtue of drugs that she must have continuously? There really is no other explanation. That is what makes it so disorienting. Hillary has dragged us into a horror movie with her.

Who believes that diagnosis of “pneumonia” “on Friday?” It is indeed possible that she has pneumonia. Dr. Ted Noel in his convincing video suggesting Hillary has Parkinson’s, mentions pneumonia as a part of the progress of Parkinson’s, and put that conjecture on the Web before Sunday’s episode.

The point is that it is very unlikely that Hillary was first diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday given that she was campaigning that day in Harrisburg, PA.

And then, when she is outside Chelsea’s apartment, a young girl is sent through the Secret Service cordon to humanize her. (We have never had a candidate before who had no authentic element about her: for whom everything is staged and manipulated.) And while the medical community is not terribly upset about it, (a) she embraced the girl on the shoulders and (b) presumably had just come from spending time with Chelsea’s very young children in an enclosed space while having a fresh diagnosis of pneumonia.

Like Dr. Noel, we are not privy to non-public information, but we can draw conclusions. Hillary is being kept alive, or at least physically presentable, by some medication that suddenly wore off on Sunday. She was wearing blue sunglasses on both Sunday appearances, equipment an inquiry on the Web will tell you is used to control brain stimulation from certain wavelengths of life – i.e., not just to mute the brightness of the sun.

This is all very disorienting. We are at the climax of the movie where, with each public appearance of apparent normality, we are on the edge of our seats wondering whether the façade will crumble revealing the hideous result of whatever is ailing Hillary underneath.

Hide the children.