World’s biggest hotel under construction...where?

Here’s one gigantic wonder-of-the-world hotel development that I will not be checking into. It looks just like the next mega-project for the Las Vegas Strip, munis all the fun stuff.  Erica Owen of Travel+Leisure explains:

 Anything dubbed “world's largest” is sure to be over-the-top, but the $3.5 billion hotel under construction in Mecca is redefining extravagant.

The Abraj Kudai, which is owned by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance, will feature 12 towers, 10,000 rooms, and upwards of 70 restaurants. That's more dining options than many towns have.

I like the multiple helicopter pads for the pious and wealthy pilgrims.

Based on what can be seen from the architects’ drawings, I don’t see a swimming pool. I suppose the idea of mixed sex bathing is out of the question (how do you swim in a burka?). And since infidels are banned from Mecca, there won’t be a lot of big conventions of real estate brokers, industrial fastener manufacturers, or the like. On the other hand Muslims are required to visit Mecca if they have the means to do so.

So the Saudi government, reeling from lowered oil prices, is splurging multi-billions on a Vegas wannabe hotel that will absolutely overshadow the Kabbah, which already is framed by slightly smaller, equally garish hotels.