World poll: Plurality think there are 'too many immigrants' in their country

Those of us who favor strict limits on immigration are called every name in the book by the open borders crowd. "Xenophobes" is their favorite because they think it makes them sound intelligence. But what if most of the rest of the world agrees with us? AFP:  People throughout the world are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with immigration levels which are higher than any time since the Second World War, according to a new survey published Monday. At least six out of 10 people in France and Belgium, which have recently suffered deadly jihadist attacks, believe immigration has had a "negative impact", said the Ipsos polling institute. Similar figures were found in Russia, Hungary and also Italy, which has had to deal with large numbers of migrants fleeing the Middle East or Africa and seeking to forge new lives in Europe. In all, 49 percent of those surveyed in 22 countries said there were "too many immigrants" and 46 percent...(Read Full Post)