Why didn't El Chapo create a foundation?

The mob has been in my mind lately.   

First, my friend Bruce Woodhull just wrote another fiction book about a crime family. It will keep you very awake as you sit by the swimming pool this summer.

Second, I had a chance to catch a bit of Godfather II. It was that scene when Michael Corleone got a taste of "pay to play" with the U.S. Senator from Nevada.     

It's a great scene, especially now that I am reading the AP story about donors and meetings with Secretary of State Clinton.    

According to the story, Secretary Clinton, the wife of the former president traveling all over the world collecting donations, spent a lot of her time talking to people who donated money to the Clinton Foundation.     

Maybe this is why the Middle East is in flames, Chinese is taking over the South China sea, Russia is flying out of Iran, and the whole world is a mess.    

In other words, our Secretary of State spent most her time talking to donors rather than overseeing the world.    

So much for the one about being a very experienced candidate.  Experienced in what? Experienced in granting access to people from countries that throw homosexuals from the roof or deny women the right to drive a car?   

Third, I read that El Chapo wants to go back to the prison that he escaped from. He finds his current cell very dirty. Sorry, but you can't make up this stuff.

Frankly, El Chapo has to be kicking himself every day that he didn't create a Foundation to get around all of those laws.  

El Chapo's Sinaloa cartel has been operating creatively around the law for years:

A group working for the Sinaloa cartel, that Portafolio called one of the largest bands of contraband smugglers in the world, "began to realize that if they brought merchandise from one of those countries to which the [tariff waiver] applied [they] could circumvent the" import tariff, Portafolio reported.

"One of the methods they employed was the triangulation of merchandise," the report continued. "They imported products made in countries with which there was not [free-trade agreement] and they made them pass as if they were made in" a country that did have an agreement.

This method allowed the group, acting on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel, to buy legitimate goods with dirty cash and then resell those goods to turn what appeared to be a legal profit -- all while avoiding Colombia's tariffs on imports.

Eventually, as the article goes on to report, the U.S. federal authorities caught on to the scheme and properties were seized.

El Chapo's gang could have avoided the whole thing with the creation of a foundation.  They could have put some pretty face up front and collected cash for the purpose of sending glasses for the poor children of Oaxaca and other poor areas in Mexico.   

The foundation could have received billions in the name of charity and made El Chapo and his gang really rich without having to get around free trade agreements or laws.   

it's too late for El Chapo. Don't be surprised if one of those smart MBA types working for a cartel tells his boss that The Clinton Foundation is the model for future business.   

After all, who is going to criticize a foundation that distributes glasses for the poor children of Mexico?    

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